October 16th, 2013 - Show at 8:00, doors at 7:00 - Backseat Chronicles and Black Rue

Backseat Chronicles

"Backseat Chronicles" was started by Adam McCue and DJ Mark in 2012, while they were attending West Chester University. Meeting each other as freshmen in the Fall of 2011, the two bonded over their love of music and their similar tastes in music. Shortly after, they began getting together and jamming to covers of some of their favorite bands. It was in Spring 2012 when they began to write their own music and decided to start a band (ironically the first song they ever wrote probably will never see the light of day). In the Summer, DJ brought in Matt Albert to play bass in the band. It wasn't until the three of them attended a concert in September that they got serious about the band, when a friend who was interning at 93.3 WMMR pitched the band to MMR brass who were also attending the show, and told them to start writing music and playing shows. Later that fall, they wrote their first songs "Lights" and "Echoes", both staples in their early live performances. As 2013 rolled in, the band hoped for a promising first year. In January, DJ brought in Chris Khedoo, a friend from high school, to play drums in the band. While preparing for their first shows, Adam wrote a song "Heroes" that the band quickly took to. "Heroes" would be the song that DJ and Adam would play a local area open mics to promote the band. In April 2013, the band played their first show at the historic Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, performing on the main stage. They would return in June to play their second main stage show. Over the Summer, the band continued to write and round out their live sets with their own material. Recently, Adam's brother Jason has filled in on bass with the band. Together, the band writes songs about many events and influences, usually pertaining to things that have happened to them or people that they know. As a group, they're just four college students trying to get their music out there and inspire people, just like their favorite bands inspired them.
Black Rue

BlackRue formed when frontman Buck Reed, fed up with the lack of serious musicians in his hometown built a studio and started filtering through the local talent until he found bassist Matt Stabley. When realizing that Stabley was the real deal, together they forged ahead until they found the other like minded musicians, Brianna Sig on the drums and Blaine Alderfer on guitar. What sets us apart from other bands is the dedication and honesty in our songwriting. If it's crap it's crap, if it's good it's good. We are influenced and love bands like Social Distortion to Dwight Yoakam and the Decemberists. From the singer songwriter and classic rock to today's hard rock, it is all a huge influence on us and all culminates into our unique yet familiar sound. We are getting ready to release our first EP in the late spring or early summer of 2013. Recorded by the Grammy winning producer David Ivory it has far exceeded our expectations. David who has produced such acts as Patty Labelle, Halestorm, Silvertide and The Roots has given us the tools needed to perform our music on any stage and win over any crowd. We also have the help and support of the American guitar master John Lilley of The Hooters, (who was the first act that performed at the original Live Aid). Upon listening to our yet to be mastered songs he stated "These songs are ready for the radio!"


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