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Found in the heart of Spring City PA, Chaplin’s is a two story live music venue, event hall, and recording studio. We offer all genres of live music and performing arts every weekend. The unique and historic building provides excellent acoustics coupled with an intimate stage, and elegant appearance. Whether you are seated in the main listening room, or the second floor balcony, Chaplin's is an outstanding place to see and hear live entertainment. A cafe is located on the balcony serving coffee, one of a kind quesadillas, sandwiches, and Ice cream. 

Our mission is to enrich the local arts community by providing a fun, clean, and safe environment for aspiring artists and musical enthusiasts of all ages and genres. Our main objective includes encouraging artists to chase their dreams by embracing the stage and developing their skills as performers. Our team works hard to keep the local music alive for the community for generations to come.


 Built in 1908, and originally named the Gem Theater, Chaplin’s was once a vaudeville theater that hosted greats such as Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. 

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(610) 792 -4110

66 N. Main St.

Spring City, PA 19475