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Chaplin's Does... What?

Okay now, we all know you've seen some great shows at Chaplin's. Maybe it was your best friends album release, your favorite local artist's debut show, or somehow you found yourself being persuaded into buying a ticket while sharing an Uber ride home with a friendly bassist to come see his band. No matter how or why you arrived to said concert, you've got an idea of what goes on here on Friday and Saturday nights...

But what if I told you that Chaplin's is SO much more than just a local music venue? Well... I'd hope you would say something along the lines of "SUPER!, tell me more!" , feel intrigued, and read on.


When we're not hosting live music on the weekends, Chris (Owner & Producer) is working hard in the studio recording local and upcoming artists.


Every Sunday at 7:00 Open Mic is hosted by the one and only Ted the Fiddler! We support all genres and performing arts. You never know what to expect at open mic, you see poets, bands, singer/songwriters, comedians, pianists, etc. And who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and catch one of our surprise open jams where all musicians are welcome to plug in and get gr00vy.


You're a lucky musician if you have a top notch space for band practice. For the rest of us, we have to settle for the basement, garage, or waaaaay too tiny room. Renting out the space at Chaplin's for a few hours to work out the kinks in your performance before a big show can be a life saver! Take it up a notch and purchase an audio/video recording to really put yourself in the audience.

PRIVATE PARTIES, we all love a par-tay.

Our stage is the perfect place to display gifts, show off your best karaoke self, or hire a D.J! The private event motto here is "the room is yours." After all, it IS your party and you can do anything you want to.

We squeeze as much as possible into our quaint building here on Main St. in Spring City. Come see a show, rent out the space, and support your local businesses!

For more info:


(610) 792- 4110