Show & Event Booking

Interested in performing at Chaplin’s? We provide a beautiful upscale setting for you to put on a high quality show. Chaplin's is open to all types and genres of music. Chaplin’s is a listening room and unfortunately, not the place to look for “exposure,” as we are not a bar and do NOT have a built in crowd. Due to the fact, touring acts that are not known to this area may be difficult to accommodate for. 

Website, newsletter, and graphic design is provided to help you promote your show. It is your responsibility to reach your fanbase. 

Guests will buy tickets to see you perform. Our maximum ticket capacity is 110 (seated) or 135 (standing room). With every show booked at Chaplin’s, both venue and performer assume the same goal- to fill the seats.

Our standard booking format builds shows from one of the following schedules:

  • Opener (30 min set), headliner (up to 120 min set).

  • Opener ( 30 min set), 2 co- headliners (50 min set each).

  • Triple co-bill ( 50 min set each).


Requirements for booking:

  • Ticket sales – In order to have a successful night at Chaplin’s, each band is REQUIRED to sell tickets. We need your most realistic draw expectation and rely heavily upon it. Your compensation is determined by the number of tickets you sell, not what you are estimated to sell. All door splits are risk-sharing, there are no guarantees from either party. 

  • Promotion – To get the most out of your show, you MUST promote. Chaplin’s provides; flyers, facebook events, newsletters, website, and ticket templates. We CANNOT guarantee ticket sales from our marketing efforts alone. We provide these services for you to help boost your marketing efforts.

  • 30/30 clause – This prevents us to book your show if you have another booking within 30 days of the show date in a 30 mile radius of Chaplin’s. It is in your best interest not exhaust your fan base for future shows. Your show may be subject to cancellation if you violate this clause.

 Booking Info:

(610) 792 - 4110